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Charges by the Network Providers:

***One Page message on this SMS Portal is 160 characters***

MTN numbers: 2.8 sms units

Glo numbers: 2.2 sms units

Airtel numbers: 2.0 sms units

9Mobile numbers: 2.0 sms units

CDMA (Multi-Links, Visafone, Starcomms): 2.5 sms units

 will be deducted for each message.


Forbidden Words & Restrictions:


GLO network is blocking messages with a phone number in the message body. Kindly reformat the phone number like this: 0803 333 0316 in the message body to avoid been discarded by GLO network.


Words Like the below SHOULD NOT be used in the body of the message:


Congrats, Congrat, Congratulations, Akpabio, Promo, Promotion, Yello, Won, Win, Police alert, Wow, Promotional, Yellow, Sex, Sexy, Samsung, Porn, Nude, and Prize, cbn, mmm, MTN, GLO, FBI, CIA, Interpol, Facebook, Sony, Nokia, Tecno, Airtel, Apple, Etisalat, Orange, All names of banks, Short or  Long Codes.


Finally, always test your message with your personal number before uploading your bulk numbers.


Avoid the following in your Sender ID

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, &, _, -, %, $, #, @,  !, +, =,phone numbers



Ensure you have enough SMS units on your account to cover the total number of SMS you


intend sending, otherwise it wont deliver to all.


Zee SMS do not allow sending of fraudulent messages, if discovered we will hand over your

details to Law Enforcement Agencies of the Government.


Zee SMS will not be responsible or heard liable for the content of any message sent on this

SMS Portal, Do not send derogatory messages here.

Please take note and BEWARNED



24/7 help line 0803-333-0316


 To buy SMS units kindly make payment to:


Account Name: Louis Ezeanya


 100 294 6150

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