The introduction of the mobile phone communication in 2001 was a millennial gift to the people of this country by the government, no doubt it has revolutionized the way we do business, communicate, interact and live our daily lives. Today many small scale enterprises are dependent on it and thus making the dividends so much more at our disposal. One of such small scale enterprise is the BULKSMS services; this service allows you to send a short text message right from the web browser on your computer to cell phones worldwide.


 The below is based on a research carried out in 2014 , and the following were discovered, these discovery is unique for Nigeria only as some factors credit the growth of some over the other.


  1. It was deduced that only 9% of Nigerians watch Local TV channels daily, this is true with the rise of cable stations, lack of stable power supply to keep the TVs running; this has made quality time in front of the TV unrealistic.

  2. 49% of Nigerians listen to radio daily, this figure can be debated given the rise in more radio stations all over the country, and uniqueness of some of these stations, advertising on radio is increasing.

  3. 4% of Nigerians read newspapers daily; this is totally a case of affordability of newspaper, given the rate of standard of living in Nigeria and the persistent rise in poverty level and increase in price of Newspapers, again if we must embrace Eco system then print media should be phasing out.

  4. More than 60% (96million) of Nigerians use the internet daily, this is another media where improvement is noticeable over the years given the increase in Internet enabled mobile phones in the Nigeria market and their relatively affordability which allows people to connect to the internet on the go.

  5. Finally the emergence of the Global System of Mobile (GSM) in 2001 was a turning point in the way business is done in Nigeria, and since then it has given rise to many more easier ways to communicate and interact with clients and customers, this research deduced that 60% of Nigerians use GSM phones daily, the truth about this figure is not far-fetched as the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) in 2015 put the total active GSM phone line in Nigeria on all the Network to 151million subscribers, this figure compared to the population of Nigerian will give over 80% of Nigerians using a phone.


    The primary goal of advertising is to increase sales, create awareness, market goods and services to the people and remain in business and relevant. With over 150 million Nigerian using a gsm phone giving rise to 80% of the Nigerian population, one can easily see an opportunity to advertise or market your good and service to this population using the BULKSMS service technology, which allows you to send a text message from the internet to mobile phone numbers at a far cheaper rate than the network charge irrespective of the network and with the liberty to customize your own sender ID, which can bear your company name make it even more unique and effective.
    Why use SMS for advertising and Marketing?
    When you advertise by SMS almost everybody will receive your message instantly no matter his or her location in Nigeria. Recent statistics by the Nigeria communications commission puts it that there are over 150 million active GSM phone subscribers in Nigeria today. This is over 2/3 of the population of Nigeria. In 
    Nigeria today almost everybody over 18 years of age owns a GSM phone so it makes sense to advertise by SMS. SMS advertisement is the future of advertisement in Nigeria. With Zee SMS advertising you can reach 80% of the Nigerian population at once by location i.e. we can help you advertise your goods and services in any specific location in Nigeria we provide the numbers by location, i.e. by STATE, LGA, CITY or TOWN for you and also specially selected numbers to fit your kind of business.

    The response is always very huge if you have a good product or services. Some clients have reported receiving up to 70% response. For example; if you purchase a list of 1 million numbers don't be surprised you would most likely receive a response of over 700,000 potential customers interested in your product or services. Once you have a good product or services you would have more than enough customers calling you. This is a fact that has been proven time and time again.
    How do I broadcast my message?
    If you don’t have an application to send your message, you can visit to send out your message at the cheapest price in town but that's after purchasing numbers from us. This SMS portal can send up to 10 million SMS messages within 1 hour.

    What locations does our list cover?
    Our number list covers GSM phone numbers from every state and LGA in Nigeria. So, any time you purchase a list from us you would be able to spread your message all over the country and to different locations at once.

    Website bulksms integration

     We can integrate your already existing website with our platform for you to be able to send bulk sms from your website. We can also design a whole new website for you fully integrated with bulk sms facility, links to your social media pages.

    How much those it cost to send BULKSMS?

    We use the current credit based system for pricing, this means that you actually don’t buy SMS but SMS credits and the price for a credit is N1.50 (the minimum number of credits which can be bought is 1000 units or 1pack).

    Our database Strength
    Presently we have over 100 million GSM phone numbers in our database and our list keeps growing. Our list covers GSM phone numbers from every state throughout Nigeria. So you can be rest assured whatever message you are passing through will be received from all over the country instantly. Also if you want to limit your advert to a particular state, city, class of people e.g High Spenders, By Profession, Gender, Age Bracket, etc within Nigeria we can provide numbers of these people for you.


    Whether you have a product or services you want to market to Nigerians or whether you have an announcement to make, whatever your needs we have answers to the most effective means of reaching millions of Nigerians. With us you can reach 80% of the Nigerian population instantly. 

  • Increase your customer base use SMS to advertise your products or services nationwide.
  • Nigerians in Diaspora; use SMS to advertise their business locally informing intending visitors to the country of their residence about your services especially if you run restaurants overseas selling African cuisines.  
  • Political parties and politicians, use SMS to reach millions of Nigerians for your party events, campaigns, meetings, conventions and rallies.

 Whatever your broadcast needs we will supply you the GSM phone numbers list to dispatch your message to. The list of what you could do via SMS is endless. And any institution in Nigeria that fails to evolve with the ongoing GSM phone revolution in the country today will sooner or later become old fashioned and out of touch with Nigerians (this is simply because in Nigeria today everybody over 18 years old have a GSM phone therefore there's no other more effective means of reaching Nigerians in their millions other than SMS and this trend is not going to stop anytime soon until there's adequate supply of electricity in the country to power our radios and TVs) this information is based on a 5 years marketing research conducted by us.


 ZeeSMS portal is an affiliate of Zee Network Solutions it is dependable, efficient and reliable anytime, anywhere with only an internet connection to gain access to the portal your message would surely reach your targeted audience. Our portal is already servicing people in the Entertainment Industry, Fashion outfit, Hotels, Schools, Government Agencies, Churches, Association and NGOs amongst other categories which includes individual events invite and election campaign. Come join the progressives and see how your business takes a new turn.


 We don’t operate a fixed price rate; rather we charge based on your requirements in other to give you that unique experience with focus to ensure you get value for your money and high return on investment, we are all out to ensuring you are satisfied with our services.





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